Extinct Specimen 8" Dunny Resin Figure by Kidrobot


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Kidrobot’s Science Division is proud to present its latest scientific discovery: Dunnius Vinilius. More commonly known as the Specimen Dunny, this rare breed of art toy is ready to join your curio cabinet of oddities. Sadly, it appears that this particular Dunny has gone the way of the dodo (RIP), but we’ve been able to pickle—er, preserve it for future research and display purposes. Achieved by resin, this limited-edition collectible features a bunny suspended within the iconic Dunny design.

In the spirit of the Dunny’s 20th anniversary in 2024, this concept was born out of the need to preserve the Dunny in its natural form for generations to come. As the Dunny continues to evolve, we are still learning about its qualities and potential. We can’t wait to discover more varieties of Dunny and add them to our scientific collection! Measuring 8 inches high, this art toy figure is made of high-quality collector’s resin with a decorative label and hang tag.



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