Spiritus Dea 3" Dunny Mini Series by Kidrobot Single Blind Box


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This listing is for a single blind box


Spiritus Dea – “spirit of the goddess” in Latin – marks the second Dunny mini-series to feature all-female artists. Each artist channels a specific goddess into the Dunny form, spanning vastly different cultures, times and theologies… all with one common calling: the rebirth of justice. Worshipped for both creation and destruction, protection and war, chaos and fate, and even life and death, the goddesses in Spiritus Dea maintain essential roles within the greater celestial world. The cultural stretch of these heavenly beings strikes harmony with their combined powers and reach, creating a Dunny series to be revered. With a global reach of 3 continents, artists Candie Bolton, Laura Colors of 64 Colors, Stephanie Buscema, Marylou Faure, Stickymonger, Mizna Wada, Lisa Toms, Mia Alvarez, MJ Hsu, Muxxi, Tomodachi Island, and Anna J (Yoii) each capture the unseen force of will within each of us that anticipates their goddess’s long-awaited return.


  • Bastet Dunny by Candie Bolton - 3/40
  • Flora Dunny by MUXXI - 2/20
  • Arachne Dunny by Mizna Wada - 2/20
  • NYX Dunny by Lisa Toms - 3/20
  • Aphrodite Dunny by Marylou Faure - 3/40
  • Diana Dunny by YOII - 2/20
  • Inari Okami Dunny by Tomodachi Island - 3/20
  • Tiamat Dunny by Laura Colors - 1/60
  • Santa Muerte Dunny by Stephanie Buscema - 1/60
  • Azer Ava Dunny by Mia Alvarez - 1/20
  • Chang E Dunny by MJ Hsu - 3/20
  • Moirai Dunny by Stickymonger - 1/60
  • ?? - ??/??
  • ?? - ??/??
  • ?? - ??/??




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