AWESOM-O 4000 Large 16' Plush by South Park x Kidrobot


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“I will be your best friend.” Technically known on South Park as A.W.E.S.O.M.-O 4000, hijinks ensue when Cartman does what Cartman does and acts like a choad. Disguising himself to learn Butters’ deepest secrets, Kidrobot’s 16” AWESOM-O Plush with toothpaste in hand will revive your love for Cartman. In fact, you should go ahead and tell him all your most personal secrets. AWESOM-O will not make fun of you or tell your secrets to other people and stuff.

Please note: this model is not a Pleasure Model, but it is equipped with a voice chip. Just squeeze the toothpaste (Cartman's only access to food in this disguise) to hear quotes from the episode. Bring home the AWESOM-O plush in 2021 from Kidrobot before the military turns him into an AI-enabled weapon of mass dickification.



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