Ravager OG Black Edition Medium 7.3" Vinyl Figure by Quiccs x Martian Toys On Hand Ready to Ship


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On hand and ready to ship available in small quantities. Ghost White Edition of 300 pcs and / OG Black Edition of 500 pcs are near sold out. We are not sure if there will be units available for purchase with immediate fulfillment. We only have a small dedicated amount of spots for pre-order as they will fill fast and the edition runs near sold through. Without further introduction, if you are reading this... You already know... 

This listing includes one OG Black Ravager.

Ravager - the corrupted incarnation of TEQ63 from another timeline. Summoned by the Robotic Hive through a dimensional breach, Ravager's quest is to find and kill TEQ63 and his team of rebel soldiers in secret, taking over his identity and luring the humans into their future demise as their false savior.

This half torso figure stands at 7.3" inches tall and is a full vinyl production. Each Ravager will include a special authenticity card signed and numbered by the artist, @Quiccs himself. It will also include set of stickers for the spray can that you can choose to apply.





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