Crystal Gold and Black Big Poppa by Ron English x Clutter Embellished with Swarovski® crystals


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Standing at approximately 6 inches tall and featuring three removable accessories, sunglasses, crown, and chain. The Crystal Gold and Black Big Poppa an extremely limited edition of 20 pieces worldwide. 


It has been designed using brilliantly faceted crystals set in the finest Swarovski® craftsmanship. It consist of 1,410 crystals in Crystal Golden Shadow, Jet & Jet Hermatite colors from Swarovski which have been hand-applied one at a time. 


With each purchase your piece will come with an official certificate of authenticity which includes an official Swarovski holographic sticker seal including a 16 digit code that can be verified through the link below. Each located on the back of each Certifacte of Authenticy. Know that in fact you are purchasing an authentic certified crystals from Swarovski piece. Verify your purchase here




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