Cyan (Blue) Possessed CMYK Series by Luke Chueh x Munkyking - IamRetro Exclusive Release


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ARTISTLuke Chueh

BRANDMunky King


HEIGHT9 inches

EDITION SIZE: 200 pcs Worldwide

"Educated as a graphic designer, CMYK was a language my colleges and I saw the printed world in. This is my homage to the process." - Luke Chueh

The Cyan edition is exclusively available through us here at IamRetro only. Please visit our retail partners for the other 2 colorways in the series. 

You can pick up the Magenta through MunkyKing

The Yellow edition is exclusively available through MSX Art Gallery. Email to purchase. 

We have no access to the other color variants, please contact or shop with the other partners in order to acquire them. Thank you! 

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