Death Shadow Oni-Tayū (太夫) Resin Sculpture by Tokyo Jesus x Clutter - IamRetro Exclusive


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Fully sculpted by artist Tokyo Jesus, this mesmerizing and dark beauty stands at 12" tall and is double-cast in a smokey resin skin with a gorgeous purple inner GID skeleton!

 Each of these pieces is lovingly hand-created in New York by Clutter Studios and comes in a wooden box

Limited to just 20 pieces worldwide and ready to ship!

About Tokyo Jesus:

Sayu (a.k.a. Tokyo Jesus) is a sculptor, painter, and toy designer. The mystifying world of Tokyo Jesus is filled with imagery of skulls and ruined technology. He works in digital and traditional mediums to craft his drawings, paintings, toys, and jewelry.

He lives in Japan with his wife, artist  Eimi Takano.



About Clutter:

Clutter, established in 2004, is a portal to the global subculture community of Designer Toys and Underground Art. From festivals to art openings to pop-up events, we have our finger on the pulse of this diverse and welcoming community.  

As a Gallery, Clutter works closely with international artists to curate original shows and releases. Whether it's a high-end resin made in our New York fabrication studio, or collectible vinyl produced using one of our overseas manufacturing partners in China or Japan, Clutter puts love, hard work, and dedication into every piece we create.

With multiple events throughout the year, we are dedicated to providing the toy community with in-person gatherings and toy releases, all culminating with Clutters’ Five Points Festival and the Designer Toy Awards.  



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