Death Song 11x17 Art Print Print Signed by Jesse Hernandez (Urban Aztec)


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"Death Song" Print Originally designed for Oakland Museum's "Songs and Sorrows" art show honoring the 20th anniversary of Dia de Los muertos at The Oakland Museum.. Each 11 x 17 print comes hand signed by Urban Aztec himself.


Jesse Hernandez (@UrbanAztec) is an artist born and raised in the Bay area of California, most widely recognized for his murals, vinyl art toys, and animation work. His style is known as “Urban Aztec” a combination of graffiti and ancient indigenous culture. Hernandez’s artwork has been featured in the Oakland Museum, Rolling Stone, Juxtapoz, Playstation, Outside Lands, and the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas. Hernandez has shown art in galleries and museums around the world, and painted murals in Oakland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Mexico city & Amsterdam. Has released various art vinyl pieces and recently created art for the newest Gears of War video game.



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