JK5 Artist Series Autographed Watch - Atari 50th Anniversary x Misfit


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The Limited Edition Wrist watch created in collaboration between JK5 and Atari is an exciting way to capture the nostalgia of classic gaming. The watch has a unique design that combines modern style with the bright colors and pixelated characters of classic Atari games that JK5 has reinterpreted. Featuring a stainless steel base on the watch which is signed, retro-style boxed packaging, and an Atari 50th Anniversary stand that replicates the retro joystick on an Atari console.

This limited edition artist signed wrist watch isn't just stylish; it also has some impressive bragging rights in its own that make it stand out from other watches on the market.

The Limited Edition Artist Signed Wrist Watch by JK5 and Atari's 50th Anniversary is sure to be an instant hit with gamers and artist fans alike! With its modern styling, impressive features, and retro appeal, this stylish timepiece is sure to become a true collector's item given their are only 15 in the world!



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