Kaiju Dunny Series Full Display Case Contains 24 Blind Boxes


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Listing is for a Full Sealed Display Case which contains 24 unopened Blind Boxes

Kidrobot x Clutter Presents Kaiju Dunny Battle! Bringing together some of the hottest American artists working in the Neo-Kaiju genre, Clutter has curated the ultimate Neo-Kaiju Dunny series that no-one thought was even possible! Asking artists to put their monstrous spin on the ultimate designer vinyl toy platform, the Dunny, this series brings East to West in an epic toy art battle. Let’s get ready to RUUUUMMMMBLLLLEEE!

Kaiju and Neo-Kaiju is one of the hottest trends in vinyl toys right now! Coming from Japan, and taking over Western collections, these strange beasts – sometimes cute, sometimes ugly – call upon the golden age of toy collecting!



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