Kaiju LOGG - Hand Sculpted, Casted, Painted Resin Toy by JesseJFR x IamRetro Limited 30 pcs


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What rolls down stairs alone or in pairs, and destroys baby threats? It fits on your back, it's great for a snack.... It's Kaiju Logg!


"Kaiju Logg carries a heavy burden, reptilian baby monsters may be cute now, but in 10 months you'll wish we let Kaiju Logg do its goddamn job and take care of this abomination." - George Washington 1372

"We are allowed to follow the path of peace only because peace follows the path of Kaiju Logg " -Dali Lama 1434

"We undoubtedly owe our times of peace to the vigilance of Kaiju Logg. While he slumbers in the sea he rests with the reassurance that we the people of Japan appreciate the death delt at the hand of Kaiju Logg" -Mayor of Tokyo 1846

"Throughout mankinds generations Kaiju Logg has maintained the balance between good & evil as if it was held on the edge of an impossibly sharp sword forged by the ancient Logg Gods of old. -Plato 1984

"I respect Kaiju Logg, but my wife still habitually cheats on me" -Rodney Dangerfield 1976

"Kaiju Logg heavily influenced most of my decisions when writing the Star Wars Christmas Special. If we're gonna be real about this, i owe it all to Kaiju Logg" -George Lucas 1999

"I F@$ks with Kaiju Logg" - Snoop Dogg 2014

Every private collector should defend their home with the NEW KAIJU LOGG. An edition of 30 pieces made standing at about 3.5" in height in semi clear pink resin with hand painted embellishments. 

Hand Sculpted, and painted by L.A. based artist JesseJFR. LOGG (with 2 G's) comes as a limited edition special run of 30 pieces worldwide. All made with love. 

  • Kaiju LOGG stands at approximately 3.5"
  • Made of Resin
  • Hand Sculpted
  • Hand Painted
  • Limited Edition of 30 pcs
  • Everyone Loves LOGG!





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