Mr. Self Indulgence Old Timey 9" Medium Figure by Nouar x Martian Toys


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Pop Surreal artist, Nouar and Martian Toys are pleased to announce the latest flavor of Mister Self Indulgence... Blueberry!

Each new edition of Mister Self Indulgence comes his own unique flavor Lil' Scoopy... Mister Blueberry is paired with Strawberry flavor Lil' Scoopy!  Yes that's right you get two toys: the Pie Guy who stands 9 inches tall and his ice cream sundae company who is over 4 inches tall himself!

Mister Self Indulgence is based on the Nouar’s original 2010 painting by the same name. The designer toy incarnation stands (well sits) 9 Inches tall. Mister Self Indulgence comes accompanied by his little buddy - “Lil’ Scoopy” - an ice cream sundae character. He is 4 Inches in height - a great stand alone piece all to himself. You get the pair in one beautiful window box with each purchase.



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