Neko Busou Series 3 Model#B White Cat w/ Train Mecha by Bandai


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This listing is for Model #B White Cat with Train Mecha

Neko Busou -- "cat weapons" -- is a new plastic model series from Bandai that started as an April Fools joke, and became reality thanks to popular demand! Fans of mecha kits like Gunpla and Frame Arms who also have an affinity for cats will love these. Each cat figure is fully painted for you to weaponize to your heart's content.

There are four different cats in this series 3 set:

  • A. American Shorthair with submarine mecha
  • B. White with train mecha
  • C. White & Brown with drill mecha
  • D. Scottish Fold (Grey) with propeller mecha set

Each cat comes equipped with a cat-specific military-style jacket (styled to look like cat carriers and cardboard boxes) to which you can attach a variety of armaments from other Neko Busou sets to create your own custom weaponized kitty! Neko Busou uses standard 3mm pegs, so you can mix and match them with your Gunpla kits.

You'll also received a parts separator in each set so you can easily take your creations apart and put them back together in new configurations!



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