Nosferatu Count Orlock Ultimates Action Figure by Super7


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Nosferatu Ultimates Count Orlok Full Color Action Figure:

It doesn't seem possible, but seeing the full-color version of Count Orlock, rather than the black and white visage from the vintage Nosferatu movie, paints him in an even creepier, more macabre light! This highly articulated, 7-inch scale Count Orlock ULTIMATES! Figure features intricate sculpting and premium full-color paint detail, interchangeable heads and hands, and key ring and rat accessories. For over a century he's skulked around classic horror movie fans dreams in grayscale. Now, thanks to the new full-color ULTIMATES! Figure, Count Orlock can haunt their collections in"undead" color for years to come! Ages 14 and up. Includes 3 heads, 8 hands, 1 rat, and 1 key ring.


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