Smurfs 'A Sense of Urgency' by Laurence Vallieres x Thunder Mates


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"A Sense of Urgency", the latest mini sculpture by Laurence Vallieres. "A Sense of Urgency" stands approx 15.5 cm heigh, and is made with polyresin in a limited edition of 200 pieces, they come numbered with COA (Certificate of Authenticity).

About the Artist:
Inspiration and creativity can be difficult to describe, it’s an ephemeral flow of consciousness often best left uninterrupted.. unquestioned. Whether it be a sketch, a small figurine, or nature itself -  Laurence Vallieres allow her external influences to organically manifest themselves in her work. Having always been interested in found objects, she has naturally been attracted to using recycled cardboard. It’s widely available and very often discarded. The use of cardboard in her work is intended to echo the notions of the impermanence and fragility of nature. The way in which a collector will care for the artwork, should be the same in which we all care for the life it represents.



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