Super Mario Bros. Nintndo NES Pixel Craft 8-bit Art Magnet Set 8 Designs


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Create your own pixelated versions of characters from legendary games series Super Mario Bros. Using the different coloured magnetic pixel pieces, you can re-create your favourite icons, just as they appeared in the original games. With 720 magnetic pixels included, you can follow the design patterns to re-create characters and icons such as a coin, mushroom, flower, star and question block from the video games series, and of course iconic plumbers Mario and Luigi. You can also have a go at creating brand new characters too, and see how they look in classic 2D pixel form! First released in the 1980s, the Super Mario Bros. series of games revolutionized the video games industry, and are regarded as some of the greatest examples of platform gaming.


Characters such as Mario and Luigi have become instantly recognizable icons of popular culture, and are fans favourites among generations of gamers. As well as appearing in numerous critically acclaimed video games, including Super Mario 3D World, Mario Kart, and Super Mario Maker, the characters have even featured in various TV series and their own Hollywood movie. Super Mario Bros. Pixel Craft is an officially licensed Nintendo product. Unsuitable for children under 36 months due to small parts.



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