The Death Of Innocence (White) 8" Dunny by Igor Ventura x Kidrobot


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It's time to put away childish things with The Death of Innocence by Igor Ventura-Dia De Los Muertos 8-Inch Dunny Vinyl Figure. This skeletal rocking horse Dunny takes the platform to new heights and is an innovative take on what a Dunny could be.

Based off Igor's idea that when you grow up, some of the things that you took for certain when you were a child die. You discover the world isn't fair, that your parents aren't always right, that growing up is hard... so a dead rocking horse would represent really well when your innocence dies. The Aged Bone White Death of Innocence by Igor Ventura 8-Inch Dunny Vinyl Figure is sure to add a grown up touch to any collection!



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