Wolverine's Adamantium Rage SEGA GENESIS VGA 90 Gold Grade


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Wolverine: Adamantium Rage for the SEGA Genesis - This title has been verified and graded a brand new factory sealed, mint condition grade at a VGA 90 Immaculate Gold Grade.

  • Mint Condition Flawless Grade
  • Incredible Collectors Item 
  • Verified New Never Opened or Played 
  • Factory Sealed 

Any questions please don’t hesitate to ask. 

Gold Level

The VGA Gold level consists of the grades 100, 95+, 95, 90+, 90 and 85+. When an item’s condition warrants classification within this level, the smallest of flaws are judged and taken into account to determine the exact grade received. The select few items which receive these grades are among the highest quality in existence. A very small percentage of items submitted to VGA receive a Gold level grade. An item’s flaws must be very minor, subtle, and can often be difficult to identify with the naked eye. A collector who is extremely condition sensitive should be satisfied with the condition of a Gold level item in the vast majority of instances



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