WWE Vinyl 3" Mini Series by Kidrobot Full Display Case 24pcs


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**This listing is for a Full Display Case sealed in cellophane which contains 24 Single Blind Boxes ALL BRAND NEW!!**

Can you smell what new series Kidrobot has been cookin’? It's time for WWE! Welcoming your favorite WWE characters like John Cena, The Rock, The Undertaker and Ronda Rousey into the ring, the Kidrobot x WWE Vinyl Mini Figure Series is here to body slam a new look to your vinyl toy collection. This collectible mini figure series is a must have for all wrestling fans.

Each 3-inch tall figure is individually packaged in a sealed foil bag and blind box to add mystery and delight with each unboxing. Each figure is a mystery even to us so chase down the whole collection of 14 characters today at Kidrobot.com to prove you're the ultimate WWE fan.


  • The Undertaker Mini Figure - 2/24
  • Ultimate Warrior Mini Figure - 2/24
  • ?? Mini Figure (Blacked out on package) - ?? (Extremely Rare Chase)
  • John Cena Mini Figure - 1/24 (Rare)
  • The Rock Mini Figure - 3/24
  • Charlotte Flair Mini Figure - 3/48
  • Ronda Rousey Mini Figure - 2/24
  • Shawn Michaels Mini Figure - 2/24
  • Andre the Giant Mini Figure - 2/24
  • Ric Flair Mini Figure - 2/24
  • Roman Reigns - 1/24 (Rare)
  • AJ Styles Mini Figure - ??/?? (Rare Chase)
  • Sasha Banks Mini Figure - 2/24
  • Alexa Bliss Mini Figure - 2/24


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