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Like many, when we first got our hands on a TEQ-63 we knew we were holding something special. It seems like Quiccs exploded onto the toy scene out of nowhere in the last year. It makes sense, with all the awesome designs coming from Quiccs including the award winning B.F.U. BabyTEQ Armor custom dunny, TEQ-63, Sharko & Remi, and Ghost of Kurosawa. My personal favorite release from Quiccs has been his APCC Battle of Manila Bay Exclusive variant of the Sharko and Remi. The use of clear resin, gradient, and color give the figure an appeal all its own.

TEQ-63Babyteq ArmorSharko & RemiGhost of Kurosawa


Battle of Manila

For those who aren't diehard fans of Quiccs, you may be unaware of the fact that many of Quiccs unique characters come from his Bullet Punk universe. I personally would love to see more in terms of character development and lore because Quiccs has drawn me into the world of Bullet Punk on Character design alone.


With the heat we have already seen and with what is on the horizon such as the Ravager, the TEQ-63 Series 2, and the Anateq collaboration with fan favorite Anatoy, we are extremely excited for what Quiccs has coming including something just for the fans of IamRetro *wink wink*.

- Kevin @ IamRetro




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