I am Retro began selling vinyl art toys in 2013 out of our garage and eventually online. We grew up loving popular culture, street art, video games, and cartoons. As we got older so did the amazing new art and vinyl art figures inspirited by the pop culture we love. Our travels allowed us to meet a lot of fantastic people who create vinyl art and offer some amazing pieces from many well-known artists like Ron English, Frank Kozik, Sket_One, Urban Aztec, and many more. We’re always looking forward to helping the next vinyl collector fill in that missing piece for their vinyl collection. We love to help in the thrill of the hunt and discovering that off the wall piece you just have to grab. We understand the importance of great customer service and our goals are to cater to the vinyl art community.


Here at I am Retro we want to offer you the best collectible designer toys from your favorite artists. We strive to have each new product give you the same feeling as opening your favorite toy or finding that hard to find piece of art. We’re proud to offer the newest and hard to find vinyl figures and excited to be part of your collection!



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