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"Woah" - Crash Bandicoot, 1996

We're happy to report that I-am-Retro has just arrived at the Wumpa Islands. Kidrobot's Crash Bandicoot blind box figures are now in stock! Based on the classic platforming video game series created by Naughty Dog that first dropped on the original Playstation, this series includes Crash himself, the tech-savvy Coco Bandicoot, the villainous Neo Cortex, and more! You can pick them up via blind box here, or get a full case here. As you may know, the initial games were recently revived and remastered on PS4 (and soon all other current-gen consoles) in the "Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy", so now's the perfect time to indulge in some fresh Wumpa fruit and to check out these figures.

Trivia: Crash Bandicoot was originally going to be called "Wizzy the Wombat"... let's take this time to be thankful that they picked Crash Bandicoot instead.



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