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Kidrobot brings a new twist to some of our favorite characters from the year 3000 with the release of the Futurama Universe X mini series. From the textured robe on Captain Zapp Brannigan to the glow-in-the-dark Slurms the party worm, Kidrobot put some serious attention to detail in this series and it shows.

Whether you are adding to your extensive Futurama assortment or getting your first chance at the Planet Express gang add these figures to your collection today!


Captain Zapp Brannigan featuring textured robe and champagne bottle.

Slurms MacKenzie "The Original Party Worm" sporting a boombox and GID finish.

Calculon flaunting a metallic gold finish.

Bender complete with cigar, pharaoh shield, and shiny metal ass.



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