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Who here likes the original (Super Sentai rip-off) Mighty Morphin Power Rangers? Well, I do, so I’m gonna talk about something from it right now, and you're gonna like it (or not, I'm not your boss)... 


If you don’t recognize this legendary Zord, or don’t know what a Zord is, you might be too young for our blog (just kidding… kinda), but I'll lay you down with the basics: First appearing in 1993, during the infamous Power Rangers “Green with Evil” story arch that introduced the world to Tommy Oliver, the Green Ranger, the Dragonzord has been used for evil (when Tommy was initially brainwashed by the evil Rita Repulsa), good (after Tommy was un-brainwashed), then evil again (taken over by a monster called Pirantishead… don’t ask…), then briefly for good again, and back and forth over and over. The Dragonzord’s final appearance showed it drifting off back into the sea for what seems to be an indefinite hibernation, however, this is actually the only Dragonzord in MMPR to have never been actually destroyed.

 Unlike the other zords, the Dragonzord was only a few times actually directly piloted by a Ranger, instead having the Green Ranger primarily controlling it with his magic flute-dagger. The Dragonzord was actually so powerful that it both defeated the full Megazord and even Tommy’s new Tigerzord. It is also the only Like most other words, however, it could still combine with others to make bigger, more powerful Zords. It happened very rarely on the show, but when it did, holy crap it was a sight to behold.

Me personally, this was my favorite Zord out of all of the original ones from MMPR just due to the face that even when it wasn’t combined with any other Zord, it could still kick all kinds of ass. 




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