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Lets Talk Street Fighter

You know what sucks ass? Street Fighter (LET ME FINISH!!!!)). I’m of course talking about the ORIGINAL Street Fighter Arcade game from 1987. I can’t think of any other franchise where the first game was so crappy, yet every game after is near-perfection in the fighting game genre. Street Fighter II redefined what a fighting game truly is and there have been millions of carbon copies ever since, yet the original game is almost unrecognizable in comparison. There is zero precision, the jumping mechanics are floaty as fuck, and there is sever movement delay in general to the point where the game is pretty much unplayable, unless you’re just a huge fan of torturing yourself.

The only characters you can play as in 2-player versus mode is Ryu and Ken. That’s it. Period. Not even a character select screen is available in this game, so if you ever get tired of playing as Ryu or Ken, you’re shit out of lock, bruh. And guess what? For the single player you can only play as Ryu. Sagat is about the only super popular character to debut in the original Street Fighter as the final boss, and he isn’t even playable. Turns out the option to play as multiple characters with unique moves didn’t come until Street Fighter II.


As mentioned earlier, Street Fighter II is really the first game people think about when the franchise is brought up, simply due to the fact that the original game is such a piece of crap. The sequel is the game that brought us gaming icons like Chun-Li, M. Bison, Blanka, etc.

There’s been many different action figure lines for Street Fighter, like the more recent Storm Collectable figures, which are pictured below (and available in our store)  

In North America, however, it all started in the very early 90s with these G.I.-Joe-styled figures.

I’m personally not a fan, but I can see how others may see some charm to the overall design. Either way, we’ve come a long way from the old figures. About as far away as we’ve come from the original game. 

My personal favorite characters to play as are Cammy and Ryu. First SF game that I played ways Super Street Fighter II. First game that REALLY got me into the series Was Street Fighter Alpha 3. I’m not that good at the games, but if you’re worse than me, I’ll probably beat you. Maybe.

What’s your favorite Street Fighter character? What’s your favorite Street Fighter game? Sound off in the comments. Also don’t forget to check out IAmRetro’s Street Fighter stuff in the store.



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