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Debuting in 2001, Adult Swim’s night time block of crazy adult variety programming evolved from hilarious comedy shows featuring reedited stock footage of 60s cartoons like Sealab 2021 and adult-themed anime like Cowboy Bebop, to immensely popular, intricately animated shows like Rick and Morty and bizarre, off the wall live-action shows or segments like Too Many Cooks. 

Kidrobot has put out multiple mini-figure series based on Adult Swim’s shows, and this one expands to add in even more characters from shows on their lineup:

From Venture Bros we got Dr. Venture, Brock Samson, The Monarch, and The Blue Morpho. From the short Too Many Cooks, is the Killer and Smarf. From Robot Chicken we have the Scientist (cyborg form) and Bitch Pudding. From Samurai Jack, there’s Jack and Aku. From Rick and Morty, come a Cromulon Head Morty, Evil Morty, and two versions of Rick; Angry Rick and Inebriated Rick. From Fish Center swims in Mammoth and Hamburger. The titular character from the Adult Swim game Robot Unicorn Attack gets a figure too. Lastly, from the show Squidbillies, there’s Early.

All the figures are lovingly detailed the way you’d expect from Kidrobot, with character-appropriate accessories. 

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