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It’s funny that back in the 90s up until the early 2000s, Harley Quinn was considered a deep-cuts, cult-favorite villain character, rather than the uber popular mainstream anti-hero she is today. Now she’s at the point where she is just as popular as a Wonder Woman or Catwoman, if not more. She’s gone through many different looks since her first appearance in 1993, but the best one (in my humble opinion, of course) is her initial facepaint and domino mask-wearing jester look.

We got this new super cool Harley Quinn art figure by Kidrobot and designed by DC Comics artist Brand Peters.

This stylish figure is obviously inspired by her classing, original Bruce Time-designed, rather than the…um… current design…but taken to the next level in terms of looking cartoony with its big head (which is almost as big as her signature mallet) and small body.  You can check this cool new figure here.

What’s you favorite Harley Quinn story (either comics or TV)? Let me know in the comments.



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