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Check out this beauty of a Voltron figure we got in stock, which just so also happens to be this year's San Diego Comic Con exclusive: Votron Shokugan Super Mini-Pla by Bandai.

Did you know that the original Voltron series was edited from footage of a Japanese show called Beast King GoLion? The dialogue and plot were mostly changed and all of the extreme violence from the original Japanese anime was edited out when it was released to the US. To make matters even more confusing, later seasons (when they switched over to the dumb non-lion, vehicle version of Voltron) were taken from different Japanese anime shows, which is why the storyline changed so drastically later on in the show's run. One big change in the first season, from the original anime, is the fact that in GoLion the first pilot of the Blue Loin, Sven, is killed in a fight, whereas in Voltron, through the magic of 80s half-assed editing changes and dialogue, it was changed to him just being brutally injured and "sent off to a hospital".

The show has gotten a bit of a resurgence, thanks mostly to the very fun (and at times pretty damn badass) Netflix remake: Voltron: Legendary Defender. While there are tons of great figures based on the new series, this piece here is based on the classic, original 1984 classic. Like all great Voltron figures should, this model kit starts off with all five lions, which you build individually and then of course combine to form Voltron. 

Once you get all the pieces put together (this is a model kit, after all), they have a lot of details in their sculpt, with the lines and joints of the robotic parts showcasing the Defender of the Universe in all his glory. The coolest thing here to notice is that you can actually pose Votron like he's forming the blade sword. 

Votron has had many different interpretations since the original series came and went. If you haven't seen the Netflix show, I highly recommend checking it out, however, nothing beats the 80s classic cheesy, yet earnest nostalgic of the original.

What's your favorite version of Voltron: the 80s classic, the most recent show, or one of the others in between? Let us know in the comments!







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