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Featuring the highly limited variant of Ravager by Quiccs

Ghost Mode (White Variant) will be limited to a total of 300 pieces worldwide! Highly limited and almost half the print run of the OG Black variant which will be offered at only 500 pieces worldwide. Both variants have already been turning heads as photo's of these newest vinyl sensations were leaked earlier in the week. 

Toy collectors across the globe will have a chance to grab either one or both figures when pre-orders go up. Retail price will be $150 for either Black or White or a combined bundle of $275 to get both into your collection.

The Ravager Ghost Mode and OG Black go up for preorder this Friday March 2nd at 10 a.m. and will only be open for a 2 week window until March 15th at 12 p.m. at This is an early bird pre-order sale so get on this as the limited edition quantities are sure to go fast. 

IamRetro will be lucky enough to stock 50 pre-order slots for the Ghost White and just around 80 pcs on the OG Black Ravager. Based on this information it's highly recommended to lock in your pre-order early with any of the 6 authorized retailers for the Quiccs Ravager release. 

Final Production is estimated to ship in early July so sit tight as this will take a bit of time to get them in hands in the States and shipped to each pre-ordered account. Any units left over from the pre-order sale will be available for sale on IamRetro. 

Good luck!

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