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Inspired by one of the worst video games to hit the NES console. IamRetro teams up with Iconoclast to bring Space Mutants with matching accessories. Each figure is made by hand. Painted by Iconoclast Toys and hand casted resin by Trashbury. Every Space Mutant comes equipped with a mixed bag of accessories (Sun Glasses, Cherry Bomb, Bottle Rocket, Spray Paint) just like in the game, and who can forget the smaller space mutant which is included for free with each purchase. 

Having been a fan of Iconoclast Toys a.k.a. Manny Romero for some years, we had to reach out to him and see if he would make us a custom toy for our personal collection. Literally ever since we discovered what Iconoclast was doing, we couldn't keep this idea to ourselves much longer and wanted to see if Manny would make us a Space Mutant. Deciding to reach out to him and asking for a one off custom lead to a full on production and exclusive release for IamRetro. The process wasn't as easy as the idea of bringing this unique figure to the market. Having to first rely on having the head of the space mutant 3D sculpted, the process itself took almost a month due to the fact that it was a low priority amongst other projects our current 3D artist was juggling. But none the less, we had it finished and it was off to get it 3D printed and then off to have made into molds to be casted into resin mini figures. Afterwards it came down to hand painting every single detail of the entire figure. Each limb and each small detail was brushed by hand with a fine coat of paint, then packaged up on a card backing. You won't find another figure like it anywhere else.

Trust me when I say that IamRetro has never really had a taste in the manufacturing of products. Since the businesses beginning we only strictly retailed other products that were ready for distribution in the online marketplace. It definitely proved to be a challenge as all sorts of costs and expenses and unexpected obstacles came about. It took nearly a whole year due to some obstacles in each one of our schedules but the end result is we have this unique hand made figure highly inspired by one of the most frustrating but yet iconic video games of many of our child hoods. Til this day I can't ever say that I've beaten Bart vs The Space Mutants for the NES. I came really close about 5 years ago and even then it was just so defeating spending hours on a game just to slip off a ledge and read "Game Over" on the screen. That's just how it went for those type of games and the fact there were no continues and you just had to start from the beginning of the game and work your way back through. No offense, but I got sh*t to do these days but it was one hell of an effort. 


This Friday June 15th at 12pm ET / 9am PT be ready to help save the planet by stopping these Space Mutants from taking over the world. Price is $75 each with free shipping within the U.S. and exclusively available at 





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