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 When we first came across the Bobby from South Korean based company Anatoy, we honestly didn't know what to think of the figure. But after hearing about the great features that the Bobby has, and seeing it up front with our own eyes, we couldn't help ourselves. It grew on us and we just needed to have this product in our shop. Our friends over at Martian Toys opened our eyes to how unique this toy line is and thanks to their introduction we reached out to Anatoy to bring this product to our shop. With interchangeable limbs and not to mention the set of Anatoy shoes you can buy for each character. Everything right down to the packaging screams quality and we are proud to put a IamRetro 100% Quality Satisfaction Guarantee! Anatoy definitely did not cut any corners. 


Bobby Shoes

We're really excited to be retail partners with Anatoy and 2018 will really be something else for this brand. Even the almighty Quiccs is set to unleash a  cross collaboration with Anatoy later in the year. In other words, it's going to be so fucking sick! We'll be sure to update you as more products and announcements come. In the mean time come check out some of the soon to be available Anatoy figures here


AnaTEQ 2



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