Mustard Blaster Resin Art Sculpture by Sket-One x Tomenosuke


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The Mustard Blaster Resin Gun Art Sculpture, created by renowned artist Sket-One in collaboration with Tomenosuke, is a truly unique piece of art. This vibrant, dynamic sculpture captures the fun of condiments and weapon-play like no other artwork before. The Mustard Blaster is made from resin, intricately painted in colors that imitate the bright yellow hue of everyone's favorite condiment, mustard incorporated into an abstract art feel.

The sculpture stands at an impressive life sized replica of a pistol. With its intricate detailing and dynamic colors, the Mustard Blaster Resin Gun Art Sculpture makes a bold statement about Sket-One's mastery over his craft. Not only does this piece look amazing on display, but it also serves as a powerful reminder of how condiments and the things you enjoy can be used to elevate almost anything.


Each piece comes signed by Sket-One

Due to the nature of each item being hand casted and made, small imperfections may exist. 




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