Andy Warhol Crystal Banana Masterpiece Dunny Embellished with crystals from Swarovski®


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The newest addition to the IamRetro Collection featuring a timeless piece by artist Andy Warhol. Crystal Andy Warhol Banana Dunny an extremely limited edition of just 10 pieces worldwide. It has been designed using brilliantly faceted crystals set in the finest Swarovski® craftsmanship. It consist of 1,670 crystals in Crystal Sunflower, Jet Hermatite, Rose Peach, Padparadscha colors from Swarovski which have been hand-applied one at a time. Each piece comes with an official certificate of authenticity which includes an official Swarovski seal sticker which includes a 16 digit code that can be verified through the link below. Know that in fact you are purchasing an authentic certified Crystals from Swarovski piece. Verify your purchase here

Warhol created the Banana screenprint in 1966 and later used the iconic print for his design of the debut album cover of The Velvet Underground & Nico in 1967. This Warhol icon is now reinterpreted with the Andy Warhol 8” Masterpiece Dunny with an all-over banana pattern. The banana peel was screenprinted onto laminated plastic that could be pulled off and the pink fruit was screenprinted onto the styrene and has since become a rare collector’s item as well as become one of the most recognizable pieces in pop culture.



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