Arabian Sea - Slave to the Siren by RXSe7en x Martian Toys


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Love her or hate her, there’s no denying her seductive powers and her ubiquity. She is pervasive. Her legend is eternal.

The Siren rises from the depths of the Sea, singing her songs to lure sailors, pirates and hipsters to the coffee shop by the shore. If you listen now you can hear her calling your name… Accompanied by her Sea Serpents this Siren stands Tall at 6inches, 8inches Wide & 3inches Deep.

The seas run deep into the faucets of coffee shops. Where there is water, there is she. The slow drip rises and forms into the Siren behind you while you yawn yourself awake. Unable to clearly see her through your groggy morning eyes, her translucent form is the perfect camouflage



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