Blank Generation 8 x 5.5" Silkscreened Postcard Art Print by Frank Kozik x Arcane Agenda


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This listing is for 1x Blank Generation 8 x 5.5" silkscreened postcard art print. Each individually numbered out of a total edition of 100 pcs worldwide. 


Description of the run:
4 of our favorite Kozik pieces of art offered as fun sized 5.5” wide by 8” tall silkscreened posters collected in a durable resealable custom printed portfolio. The set consist of: Piggums, Let Us Pray, Blank Generation and Kawaii Vader. You can frame them up or keep them handy to remove, admire and share with friends with each print protected by transparent vellum. Each print is hand numbered and dated.

Each of the 4 print designs are a limited edition of 100 prints. Each mini poster postcard was hand selected and only the finest examples of the edition made it into these collected sets with the entire edition as a one-time run to never repeat. 



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