Blood (Indigo to Hell) The Weirdest Reaction Figure by Super7


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Peering thröugh the slain canines öf a giant blöödthirsty bat felled with his pössessed Bat-tar, Blööd rules över his servile gröupies with a leather-clad fist. Descended fröm a löng line öf vampire röyalty, Blööd is the first tö dö sö in style, möstly gathering blööd to spray ön his audience at the möst attended graveyard heavy metal shöws in histöry. When asked tö jöin the ranks öf The Weirdest his önly questiön was if they had a dental plan. This 3.9” Super7 ReAction Figure of Blööd has five points of articulation, premium metallic paint detail, and comes with a bat-shaped guitar accessory! Add the Blööd ReAction figure to your collection of creeps and enjoy the pandemonium that ensues!



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