'Forty Joe' Hood Goodz 2-inch Enamel Pin by Sket-One


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'Forty Joe' Hood Goodz 2-inch Enamel Pin by Sket-One

2 inch Hard Enamel Epoxy Filled with Gold Glitter Pin




Sket One, painter, illustrator, and designer, began his career as a graffiti artist in the early 1990’s. In 2003 he started designing toys for such toymakers including: Kidrobot, IamRetro, Super Plastic, Solid Industries, 3-D Retro, Red Magic and more. Sket One has succeeded in exhibiting his custom work both nationally and internationally in various galleries.

Having a passion for uniting distinct components of pop culture into pieces of art that are startlingly cohesive and original. Such innovation has led him to work with Bad JuJu, 2Advanced Studios, Universal Music, EMI, DC Comics, Ford, Toyota, Coca-Cola,Warner Bros., Zooyork Skateboards, and Grind King Trucks.



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